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Our Mission: To help out clients realise their dream of earning income and increase valuation of their portfolio with Smart Bitcoin Investments

We are a team of Passionate Bitcoin Mining, Investing and Trading experts. Over the past 3 years, we have done and managed Multi-Million  Euros of investments in Bitcoin Mining and Bitcoin Trading.

We are now opening our doors for the public to have a secure investments in Bitcoin Mining, Hedge Fund and Trading. With our time tested methods and risk-aversion methodologies, you have the expert helping you in all aspects of your investments

Now it is Your Turn to start making Money with Bitcoin Mining, Investing and Trading

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Why Virgon?

A Blockchain driven company pushing to bring bitcoin mining accessible to masses. Virgon is striving to comply with the blockchain initiative and being part of the second generation of blockchain empowering the worldwide blockchain community

With deep experience in blockchain minings, the Chinese blockchain, blockchain core technology, Chinese mining networks, India blockchain development networks and crypto trading(New York / The Netherlands)

Offering CryptoBaas™ (Blockchain as a Service) embracing and participating in Blockchain applications across the world

Offering Bitcoin Maas™ - Mining as a Service. Hosting services provided to clients for mining Bitcoins in mining farms in the Republic of China

Our​​​​ Team

At Virgon believe in generate value for our clients, and bring them best returns for the their investment. We believe in customer centric operations, follow strict work ethics and making customer the center of everything we do. 

Virgil Ferrier

Co-owner & CFO at Virgon B.V.

Gonçalo Nunes

Co-Founder & CTO at Virgon B.V.

What Sets Us Apart From Competitors

Invest with confidence in bitcoin mining

Worldwide end-to-end service in blockchain mining

  • Procurement of mining equipment, owned by the customer
  • Installation at different Chinese mining farms, currently 4
  • Hosting & daily monitoring according to SLA standards

Energy Contracts

  • Using green eco-friendly hydroelectricity to reduce costs
  • Yearly contracts, directly concluded with hydroelectricity supplier
  • Usage of surplus hydroelectricity to reduce costs

Operational Excellence

  • Ensuring availability/uptime of mining equipment according to SLA
  • Requesting & directing of quotations for maintenance
  • On-site performing of replacements & repairs
  • Caring for constant hash rate in order to have constant Bitcoin yield

Financial Support

  • Creating, owning and governing of your own bitcoin wallet and bitcoin yield
  • No intervention of our company or any other third party for your wallet & yield
  • Monthly invoicing for SLA service & electricity
  • and Much more...

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