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Secure, efficient and run by Green Hydroelectricity
24/7 Monitoring and Protected by Dutch and Chinese Laws

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Hassle free and secure investment with total control over your investment. With no middleman or cut, all earnings go directly to your wallet

Start small and Grow Overtime

No need to buy expensive miners. Instead rent miners as you want to grow your portfolio. Plus avoid the hassle involved in selling miners when you don't need them any more

Fully Secure and Protected Investment

24/7 monitoring and European support. Your investment is fully protected by Dutch and Chinese Laws

Why Bitcoin Mining is a Wise Investment?

1. Bitcoin is not affected by any financial crises or political instability or any other event because it is not controlled by a single entity 

2. It is decentralised, owned by people and has built-in security mechanisms that protect your investments.

3. Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology is the biggest disruption after the internet. The time to ride the train to the revolution is now OR it will probably be too late or never.

4. The great news is that with the Bitcoin mining you can start small and increase your portfolio over time. There is no lock-in period… and you can control all your investment and liquidate as and when you want it.

...And even if you have a traditional stock or real estate portfolio, then this is great moment to jump into Bitcoin mining and start testing the waters… And once you have built confidence and your miners start producing bitcoin every day for you...then you can add even more money to the mining portfolio.

6 Reason Why Conventional Investments are Risky? 

  1. 1
    Stock Markets All Time High
  2. 2
    Banks Pay Zero or Negative Interest Rate
  3. 3
    Inflation eats out your money every year
  4. 4
    Gold and Silver are already at the Peak
  5. 5
    Brexit is Looming over, so EU crisis is a reality
  6. 6
    The Next Financial Crises is inevitable due to economic cycle

Our Mini​​​​​ng Farms

Our Mining Farms are located in the mainland China. China has been chosen to host our mining farms because we could get cheaper Green Hydro electricity.  Learn more by clicking on below button.

Why Virgon

Virgon is on a mission to make Bitcoin Mining, Investing and trading easier, reliable, profitable and accessible for everyone around the world. We believe in credibility and growth for our clients investments.

What Our Clients Say About Us

What a Great Service!

What a great service! Very unique proposition so I made my investment back in 4 months. Thanks you guys! Luckily Bitcoin increased in price so I almost tripled my money.

The only thing that worried me was the government of China trying to regulate or prohibit mining. Maybe you guys can make a newsletter or keep your clients more up to date in this wild market. Anyway i’m happy and thanks again! Good luck.

Pieter Blickman

I Doubled my Investment

As a medicine student I obviously don't have much money. The money I had was hardly collected but I decided to invest it in Bitcoin. Made a good return and turned it back in to euro’s. I still believe in bitcoin and than I came across Virgon. Thanks for being there as a company!! I doubled my investment and I can even pay for my study now. Never knew I had the guts to invest in mining but i’m super happy I did. The best part is that it is recurred. I have to admit… it is a little stressful but my gut feeling was right. I couldn’t believe that I was actually printing money (digital of course :P). Such a weird but super profitable experience. What I really appreciate is that they have an office you can go to. They welcome you to have a cup of coffee at any time. Keep being awesome!



Diederick van Doorn

Friendly Guys with Great Experience

I was one of the first clients of Virgon. Super friendly guys and a lot of experience. They know a lot about the market and predicted a price increase in Bitcoin. Luckily it happened! Good job lads!

I wasn’t super happy in the beginning. I bought second hand miners and they didn’t work as they should be or what Virgon promised. After a while I wanted to sell them but Virgon came up with a solution. Now I have new miners that are working very well. But I would recommend you not to sell second hand miners again. Too many problems.

Laurens Heemskerk

Can’t wait to invest my Bitcoin

What a great choice to invest in mining. Especially with Virgon. They have a great deal in China. Cheap electricity, good monitoring, transparent and helpful staff. I would recommend to send newsletters and keep me more up to date about improvements and other news about mining. Can’t wait to invest my Bitcoin in your fund too! Let me know when you have finished it and good luck with everything!

Rutger Malherbe

Dank jullie wel en tot snel!

Investeerder in de cryptomarkt sinds 2016. Hoop bedrijven meegemaakt die er een zooitje van gemaakt hebben of geen beloftes nakomen. Ben zelf een paar keer opgelicht en heb ik verkeerde keuzes gemaakt. Ik ben dus een zeer sceptische investeerder in de cryptomarkt. Ben klein begonnen bij Virgon, maar al snel heb ik miners bijgekocht tot grote tevredenheid. Puntje van aandacht zou de communicatie zijn, maar ben zeer tevreden. Binnenkort kom ik langs op kantoor met een gebakje :). Dank jullie wel en tot snel!

Melvin Knoester

Thanks for your Help and Information!

I have no experience in this market whatsoever. Virgon informed me very well and took a lot of time for me to explain how the market works, what blockchain is, how mining works, etc. I bought second hand miners in the beginning and that was not the smartest decision. I heard you don’t sell ‘m anymore…? I wouldn't recommend it either. I bought new S9SE antminers later and they work even better than they promised me. After little hiccup everything works great. Thanks for your help and information! Let’s keep mining my friends!

Jeffrey Schuurman

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the farms and who regulates them?

China has been banning Bitcoin in the past. How about the future and what will happen to the investment?

What happens if the price of electricity goes up in China?

What if Bitcoin Price goes to ‘0’?

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