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Fully Managed Bitcoin Mining Farms that Run on Hydro Electricity 24/7
Your Investment is Protected by Dutch and Chinese Laws

Why Bitcoin Mining in China?

China is a superpower in Bitcoin mining with some of the biggest bitcoin mining pools. No other country in the world can compete with China in bitcoin mining capacity.

As being one of the biggest hydroelectricity producers, China makes an ideal location for bitcoin mining farms. That is one of the top reasons that mining in China is the most cost-effective than compared with any other country in the world

Some of the largest bitcoin companies are Chinese including BTC.com, Antpool, and F2pool. Plus a whopping 60% of all bitcoins are now being mined in China. The Chinese dominate bitcoin mining in terms of efficiency, knowledge, and experience.

Also, China is the biggest producer of Bitcoin mining hardware. Buying a product in China is much cheaper than buying it in any European country, after paying hefty duties and taxes.

For this reason, we have hand picked Bitcoin mining farms in China that are the most cost-effective, efficient, have great capacity and are trustworthy

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